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International cooperation between Vinh University and partners


To improve international relations and to assure its qualified education, Vinh University maintains close relations with several higher educational and scientific institutions all over the world. Vinh University conducts numerous scientific activities in collaboration with foreign partners, organizes successful national and international scientific conferences, seminars and workshops. Many lecturers and staff of Vinh University are members of national and/or international scientific commissions or organizations; collaborators with scientific centres in Germany, Japan, France, Poland, Russia, and Canada and with international organisations in fields such as astronomy, zoology, botany, etc. The University also sends lecturers to give specialised courses in the US, China, Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Vinh University cooperates with international institutions to invite lecturers to its campus. It should be mentioned ELI (English Language Institute) (USA), Fulbright programme in Vietnam(US Embassy), Solidarité Jeunesse Vietnam, University Rennes 2 (France), WUSC (Canada), UNESCO, Universities of Kent and Cambridge (UK), etc.

Today Vinh University cooperates with some Thai universities on a joint degree program and with Thai and Lao universities in undergraduate and postgraduate training programs paid by the students directly or through national scholarships. The University also appointed several educational agents all over the world including Lao PDR, Thailand, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Korea, Poland, etc. The number of foreign students on the campus is more than 600. In future years, this number will increase considerably due to the development of international partners with specific fields.
At the same time, Vinh University carries out exchange programs to promote cultural and human values. Many programs conducted  with international partners have contributed to strengthening international friendly and cooperative relations. Examples are Student exchange with the University of South Florida (US), Hanbat National University (Korea), GMS international student exchange program between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam (student exchange program between greater Mekong sub - region countries, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, Nakhon Phanom University), Korean student exchange (notably with students of Kyungpook National University), French volunteer students (ABCDE Association, Côtes d’Armor Vietnam Association).

Vinh University is willing to develop bilateral/multilateral cooperation with international partners in both human resource training and social development. For more information, please visit